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AT&T met with  the Union  yesterday, to announce the closing of the Customer Information Services Department in Connecticut.  The Company explained that there has been  a decline in 411 calls by 40% each year.  Buildings in Hamden and New London are expected to close first quarter of next year. The official last date is February 6, 2014 with the off the payroll date of February 7, 2014.  Because of the Warn Act, AT&T must give the union and towns 60 days notice before closing.  Retirement eligible members will be receiving  an offer of 120% of their pension calculation to be rolled into their pension Cash Balance Account. Members of our CIS department will be receiving packages from Fidelity providing information about their individual accounts.  The latest announcement from AT&T regarding pension lump sum calculations changes for 2014  can affect the balance of retirement eligible members.   Lump Sum calculations should be compared to Cash Balance calculations when determining the last date on payroll. Read more here