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We had a major success in our efforts to reduce the use of contractors and secure permanent positions for Sales and Service Technicians. After months of discussions with management, CWA Staff Rep Tonya Hodges, Chuck Borchert VP Plant 1, Ray Lucarelli VP Plant 2, and I were able to secure 20 new permanent Sales and Service Technician positions in Consumer Operations and 15 Temporary positions, opposed to recent 35 temporary positions. This will help to balance the workload and reduce on contractors by at least 35 once the training for the new positions is completed.. As we all are aware the continued use of contractors remains an issue and is a major concern with our Union. While their use does provide job security per our contract, CWA’s position has always been and will always be that we should be the primary workforce in CT and that good Union jobs should always be used before contractors. These jobs will be posted on the Frontier website.

The move to secure more permanent positions has been driven by the ongoing struggles of workers to manage their workload in the face of increasing demands from management. In recent years, Frontier has struggled to balance its workload and manage its workforce effectively. There continues to be a very high workload which far exceeds our internal resources in Consumer Operations.

CWA has continuously pointed out to upper management that they are not utilizing their current workforce to their capabilities. The company has started asking for assistance in all the Sales and Service Technician Administrative Groups.

The success in securing more permanent positions is a major victory for Local 1298, we have been pushing for new jobs for quite some time. It is also a small sign that Frontier is committed to working with its employees to address the ongoing challenges they are facing.

While there is still work to be done to address this high workload and the demand on our members, the success in securing more permanent positions is an important step in the right direction. It highlights the importance of unions in protecting the rights of workers, and the ongoing struggle to balance the needs of workers with the demands of management.