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Today, at 1:15 pm, the United Food & Commercial Workers Locals 371 and 919 members who work at Stop & Shop walked off their job. At the same time, UFCW Locals 328, 1445, and 1459 will be walking off their jobs at Stop & Shop stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

UFCW Locals representing 31,000 Stop & Shop workers in New England have been negotiating a new contract with Stop & Shop representatives since February 14th.

Stop & Shop's parent company, Ahold Delhaize, saw over $2 billion in profit last year and got a US tax cut of $225 million in 2017. The company is claiming the proposed cuts are necessary but is unlawfully refusing to provide financial information to verify that claim.

While Stop & Shop continues to propose drastically cutting worker benefits, Ahold shareholders voted on April 10 to give themselves an 11.1 percent raise in dividends over last year. The expected payout will be on April 25 for around $880 million.

What 1298 Members Can do to Help

Here are four ways you can help UFCW workers win a fair contract:

  1.  Call Stop & Shop at (800) 767-7772. Press 3 for consumer affairs, then 3 to speak with a representative. Tell them: "Take care of your workers because I will not shop at your store until they have a fair contract."
  2. Join the workers on a picket line. The workers need your help and solidarity as they picket at over 90 stores across CT. Join them whenever you have time and bring them coffee and doughnuts. See below for a list of Western CT Area Labor Federation "adopted" store locations. Chapter leaders will have posters & updated "Solidarity Bucks" on hand, but we encourage you to show up with your union posters, wearing your union clothing, and any prepared chants you have.
  3. Continue to shop union. UFCW represents workers at a number of other grocery stores across the state. Click here for a list of union grocery stores in Connecticut.
  4. Donate to worker strike fund: More details TBD. 

"Adopted" store locations to join the picket 

***Please note these locations may change due to store closures. We will keep you up to date of these changes. 

Danbury: 44-46 Lake Avenue Extension

Strike Captain: Victor Sagendorf, 203-560-1751

Co-Captain: Raoul Aquillon, 203-551-1094


Bridgeport: 4531 Main Street(Closest to Trumbull mall)

Strike Captain: Robert Ferrazzolli, 203-414-6214

Co-Captains: Zane Siwanowicz, 203-217-2919, Joylette Harvin, 347-439-9534


Stamford: 2200 Bedford St

Strike Captain: Terry McGraffrey, 203-918-3817

Co-Captain: Hector Garcia, 303-570-3707


New Haven: 150 Whalley Ave

Strike Captain: Denise Tartaglia, 203-843-3858

Co-Captain: Matthew Riggs, 203-623-5768


Waterbury: 210 Reidville Drive

Strike Captain: Bill Hoppe, 203-910-2066

Co-Captain: Rob Coll, 203-510-0332