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The union met with the company yesterday and again today. Yesterday the Union presented to the company a powerpoint slide show that demonstrated the shoddy work performed by contractors as well as their unsafe working practices. A special thank you to all of the members in the Plant department that took the time to send in pictures and information for the presentation!! Additionally, we spoke about the lack of training and Frontier’s failure to use all of the resources in our bargaining unit.

Today we spent a considerable amount of time talking about wages and Health Care. Please remember to do your strike authorization vote on our website Voting closes Thursday at 7 PM. On Friday we will be holding a press conference at 1:00 at the Union office, announcing the results of the vote and letting the company know we are ready, willing, and able to fight for a fair contract. We will also live stream the event on our Facebook page CWA Local 1298.

Don’t forget to wear RED on Thursday, and BLACK on Friday. Remember when WE FIGHT, WE WIN!

-Frontier Bargaining Committee

  • Tonya Hodges - Chair - D1 Staff Rep                                              
  • Dave Weidlich – Co-Chair President
  • Louise Gibson - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Katie Montalbano - CM VP                                     
  • Chuck Borchert - Plant 1 VP                                   
  • Dan Coffin - Plant 2 VP                                           
  • Frank Oliva - HQ VP      
  • Esther Almodovar - CM Business Agent
  • Michael Ciscar - Plant 1 Business Agent
  • David Voyak - Plant 2 Business Agent
  • Diane Vieira – HQ Business Agent