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Your CWA/Frontier Bargaining Committee is pleased to announce that we have reached a Tentative Agreement with Frontier. The following is a summary of the changes in the 2019 Frontier/CWA Tentative Agreement (TA). A full package will be provided at the contract explanation meeting, which will be scheduled over the next few weeks. Over the past several months, the Bargaining Committee was faced with the challenge of bargaining a contract without retrogressive changes, keeping in mind the financial challenges Frontier is currently experiencing. We prioritized and successfully achieved Job Security with a Guaranteed Job Offer for ALL, a general wage increase and two title upgrades. Although we were not able to address all the individual changes we would have liked to, your bargaining committee fought for what was right and we were able to overcome any givebacks.

We would like to thank our members for their recent mobilization efforts. These efforts helped move negotiations in a meaningful way, allowing us to reach a fair and just contract. We appreciate your solidarity during this round of bargaining, as our strength at the table was fueled by your support. Please stay informed by visiting our website to get information on upcoming contract explanation meetings and the contract ratification process. Your Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this tentative agreement.


Below is a summary of the agreement:

1.     2-year agreement

2.     1.75% general wage increase in each year

3.     $300 ratification bonus

4.     Continue existing pension and 401k

5.     No cost increases or coverage changes to current medical

6.     Article 7 and Guaranteed Job Offer will now cover ALL active employees

7.     O.P.T wage upgrade to top craft

8.     SSTII's moved from 16 to 10 step wage scale (WN)

9.     Tech Assist wage upgrade to $2584.43 bi-weekly

10.   Won commitment of no Surplus declaration in the following Plant and Commercial & Marketing titles; Maintenance Administrator, Service Representatives, Sales Consultant, RSS, Service Consultants, for the duration of the contract

11.   No closing of any centers of the above titles throughout the life of the agreement

12.  Single title in F10 pool for Article 7 seniority

13.  Enhanced Voluntary Severance Package offered to all titles. This offer includes 3 years of medical for retirement-eligible employees and a Special Voluntary Severance Plan for non-retirement eligible employees with 6 months of company subsidized Cobra medical coverage

In solidarity,

Tonya Hodges - Chair

Dave Weidlich - President

Louise Gibson - Secretary Treasurer

Katie Montalbano - Vice President C&M

Chuck Borchert - Vice President Plant 1

Dan Coffin - Vice President Plant 2

Frank Oliva - Vice President Headquarters